Mindfulness workshop: releasing stress and physical tension

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Mindfulness workshop: releasing stress and physical tension

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'Gaelle is a gifted teacher. She will convince just about anyone that mindfulness isn't just 'for others'

Sitting at a desk all day? Experiencing stress & physical tension? Learn to release, be more comfortable and happier by listening to and working with your body.

This workshop will include a series of guided mindfulness exercises, with sitting meditation and mindful movements, inspired by Qigong. 

Open to beginners and regular practitioners of mindfulness. 

Take the time to reconnect to your body and 

   increase self-knowledge by learning to listen to your body 

   soften unnecessary physical tension, thus reducing mental stress

   learn tools that you can practice in everyday life 

Take some time for yourself and join us on this popular workshop, which will take place in a beautiful space in Angel. 

The experience includes:

   A 2-h workshop with several guided practices

   A handout of key insights, tools to practice at home and further resources