Chocolates, various roast dinners, drinks, cheese and so on...Christmas is a festival for the mouth and the stomach, and provides many temptations that we may feel guilty about comes January.

So without taking all the fun out of your Christmas gathering, try these mindful eating tips! 

1. Before eating: check in with yourself

Ask yourself: how hungry am I right now? Am I eating because I am genuinely hungry or because others are, or because I feel I should? If you're genuinely hungry, then of course eat! If you're not, take a deep breath, move away from that buffet for a few minutes, engage in conversations, and see what happens.

2. The first bite

I'd like to invite you to take the first bite of each new dish with your eyes closed. This will allow you to feel the textures and the flavours more, and therefore appreciate more what you have in your mouth.

3. After eating: pause

Before you take seconds, leave a break. We don't tend to realise we're full until 3-10 minutes after we've finished eating. So leave a break, then ask yourself 'am I still genuinely hungry'?

And if you do decide to have seconds or treat yourself to that fifth chocolate, you'll at least do it consciously!